Working with Trish as a coach has shifted my perspective on what it means to be a powerful, persuasive speaker. Focused not only on the nuts and bolts of communication and presentation, Trish also used her extensive background in performing arts, showing me how to create truly engaging talks using humor, body language, and stage presence. I loved her movement exercises that helped me relax, feel confident, and deliver a natural presentation. Her treasure trove of techniques helped me elevate my work and stand out amongst other speakers. She focused on the theatrical subtleties that captivate an audience whether pitching to a single client or a room of VC’s. Thank you, Trish! – Nicole Maarja

About a year ago I was at a point in my career where I could see what the next step was, but I couldn’t figure out how to get there. I felt trapped and wasn’t sure how to make my next move. Trish helped me create a strategic roadmap and identify potential mentors both at my current workplace and outside of the workplace to champion my career and propel me to the next level. She also compassionately assuaged my nagging imposter syndrome. I got the promotion I wanted shortly thereafter and have been singled out as a top performer in my group. In my new role I regularly give talks and webinars, and she has given me tips and tools to combat stage fright I had struggled with for years. I’m now confidently climbing the professional ladder and Trish’s guidance continues to be invaluable. – Nina M-F

Trish has been of enormous help in building up my resume so that skills and experience relevant to a particular job are easily highlighted. Rehearsing with Trish helped me turn up for interviews knowing I was well prepared, which did wonders for my confidence. Talking roles through helped me understand more clearly what I really want, what I have to offer and generally approach the process of seeking work in a positive, interested and realistic fashion. Thanks Trish! – Kate Neal